Why Chatbot is Essential in The Beauty Industry

As a beauty shop owner, having a big customer base does not always mean that they would stay loyal to your shop. A source shows that the average beauty business could lose 10-25% of their client base per year. 

Losing these clients and only depending on one-time visit customers might not be the best idea for your business. 

We found that one of the most important things to keep your customers intact is to constantly engage with them. Engaging with customers can be done through social media and other channels, however, customers tend to prefer a more personalized approach. 

In a poll run by Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer, more than half of the respondents expect companies to know their unique needs and expect offers to be personalized and tailored to different channels. 

Over 80% of the respondents also expected to engage immediately with someone from the shop when making initial contact.

We know how hard it could be to respond to every single client at once, especially when you are alone, which is why a chatbot might be able to help you with this. 

Here are some things that chatbot can do to help you engage with your clients:

Fast Responders

With the rise of many instant commodities, more and more people are less inclined to wait and expect service and products to be processed instantly. This means that if you do not give your customers fast enough responses, there are several chances that you might lose them. 

With help from chatbots, you do not need to worry about this as chatbots would instantly give out replies.

Worried about how chatbot’s replies might feel too… robotic? Well, chatbots like Chattybook that are built from AI technology would be able to process your customer’s inquiry and reply with natural language structure that sounds just like a human!

Questions to give personalized suggestions

Customers love the personalized touch that shops give. It makes them feel more valued as the shop is willing to spend more time with them to figure out their needs. However, in order to do this, you either have to allocate your own time to manage the conversations with multiple customers or allocate manpower to focus on those chats with customers. 

Building this relationship through chat is the only way for your customer to start opening up to you and tell you what they need or are looking for.

In this scenario, not only does chatbot respond automatically to messages, they can be structured in a way where survey questions can be asked naturally,  like a usual conversation between you and your customers.


Automated reminders, offers and loyalty reward messages

As a salon owner, we bet you want your customers to visit your salon again, correct? This means that you have to keep your shop in their minds by keeping them up to date with the new services you might have or remind them about the treatment that they might need. 

Then again, with a large customer base, how are you supposed to remember and note down every single one of your customers’ needs? 

This is where chatbot comes in. You can input a “reminder” into the chatbot system which will allow you to automatically send a message at the time that you set it to your customers. It would look as if you’ve sent a personalized message to remind them about their needs. 

Not only for service reminders, chatbot can also help you send offers to your customers to entice them back to your shop. 

Running a business can be made easier by automation, so why not start now? 

Chattybook was designed especially for salon owners and it is free to use with no need of installing a separate app!

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