Best Korean Beauty Trends To Do in 2022

For the past several years, Korean culture has been sweeping the world through K-pop and K-drama. Due to this phenomenon, many people around the world have been following the trends that originated from South Korea. East Asia has been said to be the largest market for this. According to the dean of the University of Seoul’s College of Urban Sciences and director of the Center for Global Culture and Social Empathy, ASEAN countries are the second biggest market for Korean contents with it being five times larger than the North American market. 

Due to Korean cultures’ influence, many people in the ASEAN countries hop on the Korean trend train and would follow whatever is trending in Korea. One of the things that they follow are the beauty trends from Korea. Therefore, shall we take a look at some of the most popular Korean beauty trends recently?

Korean Perm

Source: Beauty Signal Lab

This hair treatment has been trending for the past few years because of the result that was seen! A Korean perm makes your hair look more natural and easier to maintain. It also lasts longer than other types of perm!

Milk Tea Brown

Source: Allure

Milk tea itself has become a staple drink in Asia but now even the color of it has made its way as one of the top beauty trends! The brown color that is not too light nor cool was made to blend in with any type of skin tones and face shapes, which is why it is loved by many people!

Jelly Nails

Source: Wardrobe Daily

Trending for the summer is the jelly nails trend! This trend is supposedly easier to do and it will give you a clean-cut and aesthetically pleasing look on your fingers. As some people say, this trend is like having lip gloss for your nails. 

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