4 Things Customers Look For in a Beauty Salon

Hey there, beauty salon owners! If you are here, that means you want to know more about your customer and the expectations that they have for you. We believe that in order for beauty salons to do well, we have to start by knowing what the customers want, don’t you agree?

We have compiled the top four things that customers usually look for in a beauty salon. 

1. Price

It’s not surprising to know that most of your customers are price sensitive. Especially after the downturn that the pandemic has caused, customers have been looking for the best option with the cheapest price. 

This doesn’t mean that you should lower your price to the point that you are incurring a loss, it just means that you should know the value of your services.

Don’t balloon up the price of your service when you know your competitors are offering a similar type of service with a better price, rather try to keep your price as humanely as possible in order for your customer to be willing to pay for it. 

2. Quality

Hand in hand with the previous point, you need to serve customers with the best quality you can provide. Customers are not looking only at the end result of the service you gave them, but also at the experience that they went through during the process.

According to a source, marketing the value that you are giving in your service is actually more important than giving the cheapest price possible. 

3. Personalization

Customers want to feel special. One of the ways they can feel that way is if you give them a personalized experience. Recommend them the best treatment for their current conditions, suggest some ad-on service that they might need or be interested in and also respond to them as fast as possible.

4. Connection

Connected to the previous point, customers want to see that you care about them. In order to do that, you have to build a long lasting connection with your customers. This means that the connection cannot just fade away after you finish providing your service to the customer. You have to nurture the connection and show your customers that you care about them. 

Fulfilling all of the points above while having tons of customers is not easy, right? Thankfully with the advancement of technology, we were introduced to something called a chatbot.

With chatbots, there will always be someone that answers to your customers’ messages, sends follow ups and even builds that connection with your customers months after they have had their first service with you. Not only that, they can help your customers book their appointments with you and help you schedule them accordingly. 

Now it’s about time to invest in an automated employee with 24/7 availability, don’t you think so?

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