3 Secrets of Upselling for Beauty Salons

As a beauty salon owner, you might have been selling only one service per customer most of the time. You know you have so much more to offer but how can you offer them to your customers without being seen as ‘pushy’?

We have done some research to be able to inform you of several tactics that you can use to help upsell your services or products to your customers. 

Offer During The Booking Process Or Wait Times

According to several sources, upselling during the booking process, check-in and waiting times has been pretty successful. For example, giving them recommended services to go along with the ones that your customers are planning to take during the booking process.

Platforms such as Chattybook can also display the recommended or popular services that their customers usually aim for. 

Another chance that you can try to upsell your services is during the check-in or waiting time. As your customers wait, have some flyers up around the room of some other less known services that you offer. This way, some customers might be intrigued and ask about those services to you. 

Slip it in Casually During Consultations

Source: Insider

Before starting the treatment, you can give consultations to your clients to see what their concerns and pain points are. From hearing them, you can offer additional services or products that might be able to help your customers.

However, remember that you do not want to be too aggressive towards your customers. There are some that would say no and you just have to move on. 

The goal here is not to only sell additional products or services, but also to build a relationship with your customers and gain their trust. Once you’ve gained your customer’s trust, they are more likely to come back and refer your services to their friends. 

Offer Packages and Discounts

This is a good tactic if you want your customers to try something new without losing much value. By giving special promotions for your customers, they would feel that they are getting the best deal from your salon compared to your competitors.

You just need to make sure that the packages and discounts that you offer are on par with the services that you give.

You might be doing well already with just providing your usual services, why upselling?

Aside from immediate profit, it can also help you build a stronger connection with your clients. Giving consultations, recommending services and products that suit them shows that you care about your customers and helps them to trust you more. By doing so, you are making them loyal to your shop and possibly encourage them to recommend your services to other people. 






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